Contract support is available for the following components:

  • Network components (Routers, Switches etc)
  • Servers
  • Workstations (PCs & Laptops)
  • PDAs
  • Operating Systems
  • 3rd Party utilities

Contract support provided includes:

  • Access to telephone support provided by dedicated Help Desk
  • VNC link between customer’s and IMS’ systems for on-line diagnosis/rectification
  • 4 hour response
  • Onsite fix or replacement of failed hardware components
  • Fix or replacement of corrupted software components
  • Free loan hardware unit pending workshop repair

IMS own Engineers provide this service

Hardware and Systems Software components not originally supplied by IMS may also be included in a Contract

IMS also provide contract 4th Party Hardware Maintenance to other suppliers of computer systems, underpinning their support contracts to their customers.