Sapphire Bulk & Bottled LPG System

LPG Lorry

Scope and functionality

The modules in the Sapphire  LPG Gas System contain the following  interlinking processes:

  • Bulk LPG Orders and Top Up Processing, Meter Ticket Production, Delivery Confirmation, Invoicing
  • Gas Tank Installation & Inspections Processing, Tank History
  • Gas Tank Contracts & Rentals Processing
  • Autogas Cardholder withdrawals invoicing
  • Metered Estates Meter Contract assign/reassign, Readings and Invoice Processing
  • Gas Cylinder Site Stock, Empty Returns & Rental/Product Invoicing
  • Head Office/Depot/Tanker Stock Control, Stock Pricing/Costing
  • CTI ‘Screen Pop’ of Customer details into Order from caller’s phone number
  • Online Credit Card authorisation & indent during Order
  • Delivery Routing, using graphical Mapping, Tanker Load building/ Order allocation
  • Order Download to IMS ePOD In-cab/handheld PDA, Delivery Invoice production, POD signature capture &Time/Datestamp, Cash Receipt recording, On-board stock
  • IMS ePOD upload to Sapphire, update Order with POD details & signature, update S/L Cash