Scope and Functionality

The modules in the Freighterbase Sapphire freight forwarding software system contain the following interlinking processes:

  • International Ocean, Road & Airfreight Management
  • Job Billing, Costing & Documentation
  • Consolidation/Groupage Costing & Documentation
  • Domestic Distribution, with Graphical Map Routing & Vehicle Load Building
  • Transit Warehouse Management – Stock Receipt/Locate/Control/Pick/Despatch, Billing
  • 3P Logistics Warehouse Management
  • Import Customs Clearance links to UK Maritime/Air communities
  • Export NES
  • Container/Unit/Trailer Tracking system
  • EDI message exchange with Agents & Customers
  • PROSPEX: Quotes, Lead Tracking, Diary, Follow Up, Mailing
  • Document Image Management system, including Image based Purchase Reserves processing
  • IMS ePOD: PDA handheld POD signature capture system
  • Customer Web Services: Consignment Track & Trace
  • Customer Web Services: Logistics Stock & Work in Progress

Throughout these modules, the following features will be found:

  • Sophisticated & customisable Auto-Tariff system:- by Pack, Chargeable Weight Range, Route, Zone, Postcode, County, Shipping Terms etc.
  • Full Consignment & Manifest Costing, with Automatic Tariffing
  • Trading Accruals Management
  • Inter-Department/Branch Charging/Cost exchange
  • Library of standard Document forms
  • ‘Paperclip’ Document Image, email & fax filing against Job files
  • Bar Coding
  • Milestone-based Work Flow Management with email & ‘dashboard’ alerts

Look and feel