Dependant Modules

CUSTOMS EDI Direct links to CNS and Destin8 Communities, also ICARUS Irish Customs. Selection of Jobs for clearance, submit message to Customs, receive clearance and print clearance dockets, status update, Duty/VAT Invoicing.  NES links, via Communities or email to HMCE Gateway. DELIVERY & COLLECTION  MAPPING SYSTEM View Deliveries & Collection on Graphical Map. Zoom-in/out. Drill into Job. On-screen selection & allocation to Domestic Manifest

WEB SITE TRACK & TRACE Consignment status, POD images, Logistics Warehouse Stock & Order Despatch work in progress. Available in real time on database on Website, for browsing/download by security-cleared Customers

IMS ePOD PDA PROOF OF DELIVERY SYSTEM Collections/Deliveries GPRS download from Head Office system to handheld PDA issued to Vehicle, On-screen Browser, Delivery/Collection Sequencing, Delay/Non-deliveries, On-screen POD signature capture, Auto Time/Datestamp, GPRS upload to Head Office system, Cross-index POD information to Job

COMPUTER TELEPHONE INTEGRATION Auto-open Booking session. Auto-fill Trader details from Caller’s phone number & Display Credit status

CUSTOMER EDI Message assembler & dis-assembler, using either EDIFACT or bespoke syntax. Library of bespoke formats exist. Many also link to SAP. TRADING PARTNER EDI Message assembler & dis-assembler. Both EDIFACT and bespoke formats exist, including Total Pallet Network, Fortec & Pall-Ex.

REPORT GENERATOR Truly non-technical. Point & click selection of Tables & Fields to be searched. Drag & drop output design. Output to Excel, including auto Pivot Table output. Drill back into Sapphire Jobs from Excel.  Multi-Table capable, including Open Accounts database


Key Features