Sapphire freight forwarding software has direct links to Microsoft Office components, notably Excel, Word & Outlook, allowing the user to:

  • View and manipulate Sapphire Reports in Excel
  • Automatically seed a Word document with Sapphire data (Quotes, Customised Documents & Mailshots)
  • View Sapphire documents, then print or send as PDF email attachment
  • Receive alerts and reminder from Sapphire in Outlook

Sapphire links to various popular accounting suites, including Sage, Access Dimensions & Dynamics. However, the integration with Open Accounts is most impressive, resulting in a unified ‘look & feel’, seamless Drill-Down and Report Generation into Excel Pivot Tables from both suites.

Sapphire 4GL technology facilitates  e-commerce links, including:

  • EDI links to from Customers & Trading Partners, using UN EDIFACT standard or bespoke messages
  • Portals links such as INTTRA for communications with Lines
  • P.O.D. signatures, captured by IMS ePOD handheld system are transmitted toSapphire for onward transmission to Customer

Customer Website Services on your website, auto-updated by Sapphire, adds value for your customers for:

  • Consignment Tracking & PODs
  • Logistics Stock & Order Status Queries
  • Quotation Requests
  • Pre-alerts and Instructions


Development Philosophy