Freighterbase Sapphire

Freighterbase Sapphire is a modern development of its highly successful character-based predecessor – Freighterbase which became a market leader in the UK freight forwarding software industry, with over 150 systems deployed and over 40 years of continued refinement, Frieghterbase Sapphire is a solid freight forwarding software solution for logistics companies looking to improve their efficiencies.

Sapphire embodies the proven freight management functionality and sound practise of Freighterbase, but adds features and benefits of a solution that has a Windows user interface and is Relational Database driven.

Because it was developed using Progress development tools, its scalability makes Sapphire suitable for even the largest freight forwarding enterprise, and its ease of customisation enables the requirements of individual freight forwarders to be accomodated swiftly.

Progress also provides Sapphire with close integration with 3rd party applications, notably the Microsoft desktop for direct links to Excel, Word & Outlook.

Sapphire links to various accounting suites, such as Sage & Dynamics. However, the integration with Open Accounts is most impressive, resulting in a unified ‘look & feel’, seamless Drill-Down and Report Generation into Excel Pivot Tables from both suites.

Progress 4GL technology significantly reduces the time needed to establish Customer and Trading Partner EDI links with Sapphire.

Freighterbase Sapphire, Integer Microsystem’s Freight Forwarding Software has been implemented in over 200 freight forwarding locations in the UK and Europe, and has also become an integral part of the logistics supply chain of large multinational companies, because it is the management software used by their Logistics Service providers.