Software Solutions

We are a UK market leader for Freight Forwarding Management and Liquid Fuel Distribution software solutions. We have been developing specialist solutions for these industries since 1981, and successfully implementing them in both UK and international businesses.

This success is due to a policy of providing close support to the user during implementation, and continuous development and improvement thereafter.

Each product has been steadily refined, drawing on the practical experience of hundreds of users.  As a result, they contain clever refinements from a wide spectrum of user types, including regional requirements.

We have a co-operative approach to development, enabling every user to influence the direction of the software’s evolution, to the benefit of all.

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We also have expertise with optimising our software’s operation with a range of 3rd party software products, including:

  • Operating Systems
  • Relational Databases
  • Layered software and Utilities
  • Office software, email, fax and Web servers
  • Accounts suites